Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Do you use vintage?

I have lots of vintage collectibles that I display around my house,like my yellow Mccoy pottery,for example. Some of these collections I will be sharing with you soon.
But I especially like using vintage dishes for serving snacks! It's fun to always have options and I like the divided dishes that used to be so popular.
I found this one years ago and haven't seen anything like it since. It has four parts and a handle that's a fish and was made in Japan. I don't know why it didn't sell in any of my shops but I decided I couldn't part with it and have enjoyed using it!

Tell me about how you use your vintage finds!
Just a note-for some reason I'm having trouble commenting on my own blog and others lately,so thanks in advance for all comments!


  1. I'm surprised it didn't sell as this is exactly something I would buy. I use vintage every day, from yard decor to dishes and linens to furniture. Great blog!


  2. Thanks for the great comment Alexis!
    If I find another dish like this one,I'll let you know:-)