Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Vintage Holiday Cards

I recently came across a lot of unused vintage Christmas cards at my local thrift store. I broke them up into groups and they have starting selling well in my Etsy store, much to my pleasure and somewhat surprise.
Some of them evoke memories of cards from Grandma & Grandpa- especially the ones that contained a crisp fresh ten dollar bill!
Here are some of the ones available in my store, plus a few great ones from other Etsy sellers.

  Remember these "fuzzy" flocked cards?

Available on Etsy at The Goose and the Hound
These have been sold!
.....and cards for kids?

from The Vintage Greeting on Etsy

Available at stuart road vintage
 The "money" cards......

Both still available in my store on Etsy

and some more traditional styles....

I hope I have inspired you all to scan your thrift stores and online favorites for cards like these to send to your loved ones this year.
Think of all the good memories you'll be stirring up!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

New Etsy Venture

I've been thinking for months now about opening a vintage jewelry and accessory shop on Etsy and I finally did it this weekend!
After many name ideas (and searches for originality!), I decided to call it Like Bette in honor of my favorite movie actress of all time, Bette Davis.
She was full class and style and didn't everyone want to wear the fashion of the day as well as Bette did?
So, come visit me asap at www.likebette.etsy.com for some fabulous (hopefully..) stuff!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

It's Time...

....time that I start posting here again. In case you were wondering, I'll tell you the reason I haven't in several months.

On April 16th of this year my DH (as he was known in this blog) Hugh, finally lost his battle with Pancreatic Cancer. He was so much of my life, in and out of this little house, that I would be remiss not to share this news with my readers.
Four and a half months later, I'm doing better than I expected thanks to the love of family and friends,
who all have such an important role in my life that I never realized until now.

So now that my mind is clearer and my Etsy store is having it's best month ever, it's time to get back to it.

I'm blessed to be able to stay in this little house on Stuart Road, at least for awhile, and bask in the memories of life with my husband, and make some new ones without him. I don't want this to be a widow's blog and probably will never be this personal again, but I hope you will keep following anyway.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

White Pizza

The other night we decided to make pizza for dinner. My goal was to use up leftovers and we didn't have any sauce,but we did have the ingredients for a white pizza sauce-butter,garlic,milk,flour,parmesan and dried italian herbs.
My DH made a crust out of 50/50 baking flour and we topped it with chicken,red onion,tomatoes,asiago and mozzarella cheeses!
I must admit,I would prefer a regular crust next time but all in all it was a success.
It looks rustic,don't you think?