Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Using Vintage Planters

Yesterday I was at a garden center getting a few things and I walked by a cart filled with cactus (cacti?)
and cute little succulent plants. I have never tried owning these plants,but their recent popularity and easy care reputation made me buy a few!
I love the way they look in clean white vintage pots-especially the footed ones!
I left these in the pots they came in,but if you have a planter with a drainage hole you can plant them directly.
I used plastic newspaper bags to fill in under and around the pots,and then filled in with seashells and vintage marbles.You could also use buttons in one color,gravel or colorful beads!

A layer of larger shells makes a base for the pot

                                                          This McCoy planter will be
                                                                                                                 available soon!
Use your smallest and most intersting shells on top

A Weller planter with colorful vintage marbles
I'm keeping this one!

Think about where these plants will be living since some need bright light and some are better in low light.
  Let me know what you think..I love comments!

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